Immerse & Float

A retrospective look at the Hucker Residence

  • Project

    Hucker Residence

  • Status

    Completed, 2015

  • Location

    Coconut Grove, FL

  • Services

    Architecture, Interior Design

The Hucker Residence epitomizes our site-driven and climate-driven design philosophy.

-Max Strang

[Float] between aqua bodies and lush tropical landscape, while creating an architectural shell to guide perspective and lend protection.

Here the Art of Architecture is:

• Defined by shifting horizontal planes and bold cantilevers.
• Epitomized around a site-driven and climate-driven design philosophy.
• Accommodated with a garden-centric pavilion house with art studio, office, and guest suite.

We’ve floated technical schematics into nature's advantages. The main house is positioned next to the canal to take advantage of the prime views and includes a covered terrace with deep overhangs and clean lines which brand the home’s identity. Both buildings are raised substantially above the current grade to ward against any potential hurricane storm surge. Another stand-out is it's sculptural tub and 11-foot shower.

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Appears to float above the canal.

–Architectural Digest

This residence represents a unique expression of the homeowner—from the rock 'n roll powder room to an entire home complimented by her amazing art collection. This owner saw each room as a canvas and each feature as a piece of art. Minimal design accentuated by the best materials. Basalt floors in the interior and dark wood offer peak contrast to the stark white minimalism.
Unlike the majority of Miami’s waterfront sites which are tightly bookended with neighboring homes, The Hucker Residence enjoys an immersive experience afforded by the adjacent canal and Biscayne Bay.

Project Details

  • Site
  • Size
  • Completed
  • Architect
    [STRANG] Design
  • Interior Design
    [STRANG] Design
  • Team
    Jason Adams, Max Strang, Alexandra Mangimelli, Maria Ascoli, Jordan Johnson
  • Landscape Design
  • General Contractor
    Halmac/Cast Development
  • Photography
    Claudio Manzoni, Claudia Uribe-Touri

We throw a pretty good party here.

-Katherine Hucker