Power to the people—for they are the innovation and optimism that provoke astounding outcomes.
No matter the complexity of your vision, task, program, or project—this team of professionals has you covered.
Not just brilliant and beautiful—there's real soul in their craft. These are the faces that craft extraordinary outcomes.
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Max Strang, FAIA

Founding Principal & Partner


Jason Richard Adams, Associate AIA

Principal & Partner


Alexandra Mangimelli, AIA

Managing Director & Partner


Elizabeth Starr, AIA

Managing Director


Maria Ascoli, Associate AIA

Senior Creative Director


Travis Harrison, ASLA

Landscapes Director

  • Marcela Arango - Project Manager
  • Esti Brooks - Director Of Operations
  • Mitchell Clarke - Communications Manager
  • Matthew Cohen - Senior Project Manager
  • Viviana Conley - Senior Project Manager
  • Jessica Elena Croitoru - Senior Project Manager
  • Catherine Crotty - Designer
  • Shirley Deutch - Financial Manager
  • Karina Elias - Project Manager
  • Luis C. Espinosa - Designer
  • Jake Farris - Designer
  • Vicky Figueiredo - Operations Assistant
  • Valeria Fossi - Designer
  • Isabella Hoyos - Project Manager
  • Blanca Martinez - Project Manager
  • Sofia Salvat Mere - Senior Project Manager
  • Andres Ortiz - Designer
  • Vanessa Artega Peña - Project Manager
  • Dane Quist - Design Assistant
  • Matthew Slingerland - Creative Director
  • Stephania Soltau - Designer
  • Yanira Zelaya - Accounts Clerk