Allure & Balance

A retrospective look at the San Marino Residence

  • Project

    San Marino Residence

  • Status

    Completed, 2015

  • Location

    Miami Beach, FL

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Built with poured-in-place concrete columns, beams, and slabs. Fashioned with detail, consideration, and confidence.

[Balance] the desired elements of intrigue, transparency, and privacy.

• Expanded by views across Biscayne Bay, that sprawl abundantly on a narrow lot.
• Deepened by features which spark intrigue and warm welcome.
• Centered by handsome proportions laced with delicate detailing.

Here we’ve balanced alluring attributes from an outdoor sensual shower to the meandering warm wood theme, to the prevailing master bedroom with large balcony—all underpinned by the strength of concrete pilings anchored to bedrock well below the existing grade.

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Transparency and privacy are carefully balanced.

-[Strang Team]

Transparency and privacy are carefully balanced as the home offers an intriguing, yet inviting, appearance from the street. A favorite feature of this homeowner is how the kitchen, living and dining areas are combined into one large public space that flows easily onto a covered terrace overlooking the pool, Biscayne Bay and neighboring islands.

Project Details

  • Site
  • Size
  • Completed
  • Architect
    [STRANG] Design
  • Interior Design
    [STRANG] Design
  • Landscape Design
    [STRANG] Design
  • Team
    Maria Ascoli, Elizabeth Starr, Max Strang, Maria Sturges
  • General Contractor
    Luis Bosch Luxury Homes
  • Photography
    Claudia Uribe-Touri
  • Accolades
    AIA Miami Merit Award of Excellence for Residential Architecture (2016)

Strang offers his clients wonderful architectural opportunities to experience the best of what their site offers.

-Hilary Lewis, Senior Editor, Tropic Magazine