Escape & Transcend

A retrospective look at the Rock House

  • Project

    Rock House

  • Status

    Completed, 2004

  • Location

    Coconut Grove, FL

  • Services

    Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design

A symphony of steel and rock

-Max Strang

[Transcend] architectural trajectory by merging the ingenuity, competence, and dexterity—into a primary residence for the Max Strang family.

• Iconized through repetitive structural environments.
• Contextualized by dense and riotous tropical landscape.
• Catapulted into fame via movie clips and international publications.

We’ve transcended the veil of possibility by pushing the limits of steel and stone. The stage is set by the monumental stone base and structurally expressive roof. Surroundings are embellished courtesy of Mother Nature—waterfalls, touchable tree canopies, and dense tropical landscape to name a few. The RockHouse masterfully blends disparate influences to create an unexpected, yet convincing, design solution.

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The structural expressive roof is undeniably derived from ‘Sarasota School’ influences.


The Rock House masterfully blends disparate influences together to create an unexpected, yet convincing, design solution. The dense and riotous tropical landscape of Coconut Grove affords the home its proper context.

Project Details

  • Site
  • Size
  • Completed
  • Architect
    [STRANG] Design
  • Interior Design
    [STRANG] Design
  • Landscape Design
    [STRANG] Design
  • Team
    Jason Adams, Max Strang
  • General Contractor
    Oxford Universal Design Build, Inc.
  • Photography
    Claudio Manzoni, Claudia Uribe-Touri
  • Accolades
    AIA Miami Design Award Finalist (2004), AIA Florida Merit Award of Excellence (2005)

Strang’s work often follows a more-than-century old Miami tradition of buildings that, though intensely local, also evoke more exotic and faraway places.

-Beth Dunlop “Miami’s Sexiest House”— Ocean Drive Magazine