Interpret & Commingle

A retrospective look at the Carillon Residence

  • Project

    Carillon Residence

  • Status

    Completed, 2018

  • Location

    North Miami Beach, FL

  • Services

    Interior Design

Inspired by traditional Italian terrazzo flooring of large aggregate.

[Commingle] the inherent polarities of historic with modern, hard with plush, and personality with function all at the height of an existing 27th floor in North Miami Beach, FL.

• Interpreted through the senses.
• Interplayed between varying elements.
• Highlighted for those with detailed attention.

We’ve commingled intriguing materials with elevated aesthetics to unleash the spirit of this 6 bed/6 bath oceanfront lair.

Attention to detail was a priority with the design containing so many interactions between materials.


Each space has its own personality while maintaining flow and cohesion. Inspired by a skillful game of "pick up sticks", we mixed broken Carrara marble slabs with terrazzo while incorporating brass strip inlays that extended from the floor up to the walls.
Custom brass panels divide and decorate the flow between library and living room while brass inlay flows throughout shared spaces to maintain cohesive design style and mood.Enjoy the interplay between hard natural materials and plush textures and fabrics that boast cool hues of different blues.

Project Details

  • Size
  • Completed
  • Interior Design
    [STRANG] Design
  • Team
    Alexandra Mangimelli, Blanca Martinez, Vanessa Arteaga Pena, Elizabeth Starr
  • General Contractor
  • Photography
    Claudio Manzoni

In order to maintain a relationship with the historic aesthetic of the neighborhood, the interior design marries the vintage elements with modern principles.