Nestle & Expose

A retrospective look at the Mountain Lake Residence

  • Project

    Mountain Lake Residence

  • Status

    Completed, 2016

  • Location

    Mountain Lake, FL

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The serenity of this location and setting established an underlying feeling and intention for the design of the living spaces.

[Expose] the bounty of nature to key living spaces while adapting the charm of historical nuances.

• Inspired by lake views in every significant room, brought through by efficient use of its wide lot.
• Steeped in historic Mediterranean-Revival design elements to align with the ‘old world’ enclave of Mountain Lake.
• Blended with subtle touches and flawless fusings to make it remarkable.

We’ve exposed concrete elements to nature’s elements and historic elements to modern elements. A low-slung design continues the firm’s experimentations with the floating, rectilinear frame. Notice how the internalized covered terrace aides in maintaining a pure expression of the frame? Details determine the difference.

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Basking within bellshot of the central Florida's historic Bok Carillon tower.


A sprawling slice of heaven—well suited for expanded design. On the outside, lean and lanky corridors balanced by vast open walking spaces encourage one to become present and enjoy moments of peace. On the inside, rooms and spaces are weaved through a neutral color palette to make you feel right at home.
Originally founded in 1916, this historic, resort-like community represents one of Florida’s most significant collection of Mediterranean-Revival and other European styled residential architecture.

Project Details

  • Site
  • Site
  • Completed
  • Architect
    [STRANG] Design
  • Team
    Maria Ascoli, Evelyn Gavilondo, Max Strang
  • Interior Design
    Studiofri Italiano
  • Landscape Design
  • General Contractor
    Alan Ulch Construction
  • Photography
    Claudio Manzoni
  • Accolades
    AIA Miami Honor Award of Excellence for Residential Architecture (2018)

The ability to create stunning architectural designs while maintaining an acute awareness of the surrounding environment has since come to define Strang’s work.

-VENICE Magazine