Fossilize & Liberate

A retrospective look at the Ballast Trail Residence

  • Project

    Ballast Trail Residence

  • Status

    Completed, 2016

  • Location

    The Florida Keys

  • Services

    Architecture, Interior Design

Imaginatively expresses the fusion of the old and the new.

-Max Strang

[Liberate] the trademark culture of the Florida Keys while adapting to ecological and physical environments.

• Blended by vernacular elements and imaginative expressions.
• Cladded upon with the same fossilized coral reef that underpins the island.
• Commingled between glass bridges and two spread wings.

We’ve liberated the distinct Key Largo spirit by fusing tried and true with limitless view. Immense stone walls, pitched metal roofs and wood porches integrate gracefully with modern touches such as glass louvered bridges and a tropical hardwood hammock. Far beyond a simple response to the climate and site—Ballast Trail represents an offering in evolutionary design.

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The breezeway offers a shortcut to the pool and Atlantic Ocean.

–Architectural Digest

Bringing the outside—inside. Custom keystone detail was brought into each bedroom as a feature wall, which really grounded the walls to the Florida Keys. The house taps into ‘regionalism of liberation’ in which architecture is viewed as an evolving tradition that accepts new ideas and transforms them by adapting them to local characteristics.
Beachy, natural materials that would sport some weathering—naturally. Brazilian Ipe wood combined with natural white oak floors in a white Binova kitchen create a stunning contrast. The focus was on the views of the ocean, clean light, and emphasizing the location.

Project Details

  • Site
  • Size
  • Completed
  • Architect
    [STRANG] Design
  • Interior Design
    [STRANG] Design
  • Team
    Maria Ascoli, Matthew Cohen, Nicole Ferrarini, Alexandra Mangimelli, Jason Adams, Max Strang
  • Interior Decor
    L'Aterlier Isabelle Peribere
  • Landscape Design
  • General Contractor
    Native Construction
  • Photography
    Claudio Manzoni
  • Accolades
    AIA Florida Honor Award of Excellence (2017)
    AIA Miami Merit Award of Excellence for Residential Architecture (2017)

Celebrates the cultural, ecological and physical environment of The Florida Keys